What Do Davie Homebuyers Want in 2019?

Why should you care what Davie homebuyers want? You may be thinking about selling your home. Or, perhaps you’re thinking of doing some renovations. Either way, knowing what homebuyers are looking for can give you an advantage when you enter the real estate market in Davie.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) conducted a study called “What Home Buyers Really Want” for 2019. New-home builders need to keep track of homebuyer trends to ensure that their new designs change with the demands of the market, so they’re a good place to get the latest information about consumer trends. It’s logical got assume that Davie homebuyers are going to fall into the same patterns as identified in the NAHB report, so here’s a summary of some of the findings in their 300-page report.

Most Wanted Home Features for Davie Homebuyers

If you watch any of the home shows, you won’t be surprised to hear that 86 percent of homebuyers want the kitchen and dining room to be completely or partly open. In fact, many of the homebuyers on television want a totally open concept, where you can see from the kitchen to the dining room, and into the family room.

Storage is on many homebuyers’ minds, given the number of people in the survey who call some of these features essential or desirable. For example, laundry rooms fall into that category for 91 percent of respondents. Garage storage isn’t far behind at 85 percent, and 83 percent of respondents rated a walk-in pantry as a necessity or desirable feature. Other interior hot buttons include hardwood flooring, and double kitchen sinks and quartz countertops in the kitchen.

Buyers are also looking for energy efficiency. The respondents rated the following features as essential or desirable: Energy Star-rated windows and appliances. Eighty-one percent of respondents believe that an Energy Star-rated home is also essential or desirable. If you’re thinking of selling and there are small tornadoes blowing in from your windows, upgrading should help your resale.

Homebuyers want patios (87 percent), exterior lighting (85 percent), and ceiling fans (85 percent), which should come as no surprise to people who live in southeast Florida.

Most Undesirable Home Features for Davie Homebuyers

Davie Homebuyers

The NAHB report also compiled information about the features that homebuyers find undesirable. Near the top of the list are elevators, at 66 percent. I imagine that will prompt home builders to build more townhomes as opposed to condominiums. However, there are still many people in areas like southeast Florida who want the convenience of a low-maintenance condo.

Other things that homebuyers didn’t want in their next home include:

  • Wine cellars (57 percent)
  • Dual toilets in the master bath (48 percent)
  • Cork flooring (47 percent)
  • Two story family room (47 percent)
  • Laminate kitchen countertops (46 percent)

I’m not sure that dual toilets in the master bath were ever that popular. Maybe it was a question the builders wanted to get answered. The two-story family room is still very impressive, but they aren’t very energy efficient. So, if you have a two-story living area, you might want to be sure that other features in your home are energy efficient. Energy efficiency is a good selling point when you list your home.

As far as communities are concerned, homebuyers weren’t looking for the following:

  • Pet washing stations (49 percent)
  • Daycare centers (50 percent)
  • Golf course communities (47 percent)
  • High density development (46 percent)

I think all of those things make sense. It looks like many people aren’t willing to pay more for pet washing stations or daycare centers. In our area, golf course communities are very popular, but it may be something that many people looking for lower home prices don’t want to pay for.

Are You Thinking of Selling?

If you’re thinking of selling, this information about homebuyer trends should help you understand how your home is going to look to potential buyers. If you want a professional opinion, the Teri Arbogast Team can help. Davie homes for sale are in demand, but if you want top dollar for your home, a few updates may make the difference.

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