Real Estate Stages of Life

Just Married

The planning is over, the ceremony complete and the reception was an experience you’ll always remember. Or, all those things will soon be true if you’re planning ahead! It’s time to find the first place you’ll share together. This may be a time to get some sweat-equity in a fixer-upper, or you may want something move-in ready to match your busy schedules. Either way, we’ll listen to your dreams and help you start your life together in the perfect home.

Starting a Family

Ready for a newborn to come into your lives? If so, you’ll need more room for your family to grow. It’s an exciting time and shopping for a new home should be part of the fun. We’ll work with you to find out what’s really important at this stage of your lives. Your concerns may be turning more toward family-friendly neighborhoods and security for your new family member. We’ll be with you during this important transition.

Active Family

The kids are growing like weeds. Not only do you need a bigger refrigerator, but that cute nursery isn’t working for even your youngest child. You may not need more bedrooms, but you might need larger ones. You’re starting to research the best schools in the area and trying to decide if you’d rather be close to the water or the horse trails. We understand this transition and can help you find the home your growing family will enjoy for years to come.


When the kids have left the nest, you’ll have more time to think about what you’ll do in this next stage of your life. You might think about a waterfront condo to cut down on maintenance and leave more time to play. Or, maybe it’s time to get that piece of land you’ve always dreamed of and keep your horse in the backyard. We’ll help you explore the alternatives and make your transition a smooth one.

Are you ready to make a move? It doesn’t matter what stage of your real estate life you’re in, Teri’s Real Estate Team can make buying or selling real estate in the Davie FL area a resounding success.  Regardless of your wants and needs, as local market experts, we can show you the communities, neighborhoods and properties that will make it easy to choose your next home. Call us today at 954-242-8030 or send an email.


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