Want to Make a Small Room Look Larger?

Are you beginning to feel claustrophobic in a smaller room in your home? Are you thinking of selling your Davie real estate and you want to do the best job of staging your home to get the best price? In either situation, there are things you can do to make a small room look larger.

Small rooms can be charming and cozy, but they do present a design challenge. If you overstock the room, it won’t be welcoming. And, homebuyers will get the idea that your room sizes may not be large enough to make the home comfortable. Luckily, it is easy to make a small room functional and beautiful, if you follow some basic concepts.

  1. Let There Be Light

Good lighting is an easy way to make a small room look larger and more inviting. There are any number of ways to make light your friend.

Keep windows uncovered.

Natural light is a boon to any room, but it’s critical for small spaces. Besides the light, uncovered windows will give your room more depth because your line of sight continues beyond the confines of the room.

If you must have window coverings, use blinds that you can open during the day. Use a blind in a color similar to your wall cover to give the feeling of more space. If you must have curtains, make sure you mount them with enough room to expose the entire window when the curtains are opened.

Place lights in the corners of the room.

A lamp on a table, a floor lamp, or recessed lighting in the corners of your room makes the room look as if it goes on forever.

Use mirrors appropriately.

The days of designing with mirrors covering entire walls are over. But, you can use unique full-length or picture size mirrors to create the illusion of space. The best place for a mirror is in a part of the room that will reflect the natural light from outside, bringing that light farther into the room.

Decorate with light colors.

Dark colors make a large room seem cozy, but they can make a small room look even smaller than it is. Use a light color palette to reflect more light within the room. You can still create a feature wall with a dark paint color, or a darker texture on one wall of a small room.

  1. Show Some Leg

Make a small room look larger by showing a bit of leg – table legs and chair legs, that is. A small dining room isn’t the place for a floor length tablecloth or chair covers. Furniture that has light flowing above, below, and between graceful legs will create the illusion of space.

In living areas, forgo couches and chairs with no legs. Of course, you may have a family member who can’t live without their leather recliner. But you can pair midcentury furniture with the recliner to take advantage of the fine wood frames and comfy cushions.

  1. Use Vertical and Horizontal Images to Create Movement

Small Room Look Bigger

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Fixer Upper, you’ve probably seen shiplap used on walls and ceilings. The horizontal shiplap installation takes the eye on a trip around the room. That gives the room more movement and the illusion of more space. A vertical installation emphasizes the height of the room, and makes it look larger.

Another way you can emphasize the height of the room is to install curtains that start at the ceiling and go to the floor. Just make sure you can expose the entire window when the curtains are open.

  1. Don’t Let Furnishings Take Over

A small room will always look tiny if the scale of the furniture is too large. It’s better to have a loveseat and separate chairs in a small living room.

In a small dining room, consider positioning the table off center to create a clear walkway through the room. If you’re dealing with a centered chandelier, a simple swag installation can center the light over the table, even if it isn’t in the exact center of the room.

Cluttered rooms look smaller, regardless of their size. If your room looks like a stall in a flea market, you need to take action. Declutter a space to give it a lived-in but not disheveled look.

If You Are Thinking of Selling. . .

If you’ve found these tips interesting because you’re thinking of selling your home, keep in mind that the professional members on the Teri Arbogast Team can help you make sure you sell for top dollar. We can help you decide what you can do to your home to make it a buyer magnet.

Feel free to call us at 954-242-8030 or send an email. We know the Davie real estate market very well, and can guide you to outshine your competition.


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