The Ups and Downs of Downsizing

Are you an empty-nester thinking of downsizing?  As a team of top Davie REALTORS®, we’d be glad to help, but we have some advice for you before you make a move.

Make Sure Downsizing is For You

Some Davie homeowners who have been through the process think they got so focused on downsizing that they didn’t think through all the issues and made a decision too hastily.  Here are some of the things to consider when you decide when and how to downsize.

  • How do you feel about the size and space in your existing home? If you’re ready to downsize, you will feel that simplifying your living arrangement will provide you freedom you don’t have in your larger home.  If you’re not ready, you may feel like downsizing will be a sacrifice.
  • What changes in your family’s situation do you need to consider?  What if one of your children needed to live with you to finish college?  What would happen if your mother or father needed to live with a family member?  Suddenly, a much smaller home may seem like a prison.
  • If you’re retiring, what will you do differently? Will you have time for that hobby you never had time for before?  If so, will you need extra room?  Will you be glad to leave behind the outside maintenance or wish you had a place to putter in the garden?

Plan for the Transition

If you’re ready to downsize, there are lots of things to consider.  Here are just a few.


A smaller home doesn’t always cost less.  If you decide you want a townhome or condominium that echoes the amenities you have in your existing home, the price could be more than you anticipate.  In fact, sometimes the smaller home of your dreams could cost more than the home that you’re selling.  You’ll need to decide if you want to pay more and get a mortgage or pay less and close with cash.

A smaller home may require new furniture.  Room sizes in a smaller home may make the furniture you own now look out of place.  Purchasing new furniture can be an exciting opportunity to update your home’s look and feel.  Just make sure to include the cost in your moving budget.

What to Do With All This Stuff?

Don’t be afraid.  Everyone who downsizes goes through the same process of determining what to keep and what to sell or give away.  Many people who downsize balance out the cost of acquiring new furniture and décor by selling items they don’t want to take with them.  Consider holding garage sales or sell items on eBay.

However, it’s never a good idea to get rid of family heirlooms – if you won’t have room for them, give them away to other family members who will cherish them as you do.

While no one looks forward to decluttering their lives, it will serve two purposes.  You’ll need to declutter your home before you sell it, and you’ll decide what’s really important to you in your new surroundings.  Just take it one drawer at a time.

Finding Your New Home

Most people who downsize choose a home that needs less commitment than the home they own, but supports their lifestyle, just in a different way.  It’s not necessary to go the “tiny-house” route unless that’s really your heart’s desire.

Townhomes and condominiums are popular choices for downsizing for a number of reasons.  Many people love the freedom to travel on a moment’s notice without worrying about who will mow the lawn.  And, many communities have security that relieves the homeowners from worrying about leaving their home empty.  Others are delighted that they can keep their new home clean with minimal effort.

If you plan to age in place, you may want to eliminate stairs.  Many Davie condominiums offer one-level living, or a ranch-style single family home would work, also.  Review all the Davie townhomes and condominiums for sale to see what’s available on the market.  And, if you’re looking for new construction, there are several new communities.  For example, one of the Pembroke Pines communities, the Townhomes at Raintree might be of interest to you.

If you’re considering making a move, feel free to call us at 954-242-8030 or send an email.  Our team of experts in Davie homes for sale are ready to help you find just the right home for your needs!


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