New! Now You Can Learn to Soar in Davie, Florida

Things to do in DavieNeed more things to do in Davie?  Ever wanted to skydive, but were too afraid to try it?  If you feel that way, you’re in touch with this Davie REALTOR®!  But, we’ve all got another shot at it while staying very close to the ground.  A company called iFLY Indoor Skydiving recently opened a location here in Davie.


What is Indoor Skydiving?

Indoor skydiving is made possible with the availability of 60-foot tall vertical wind tunnels.  iFLY has been the leader in designing, building and operating vertical wind tunnels since 1997.  In addition to the over 50 locations worldwide already in existence, the company has another 25 locations under construction.

Vertical wind tunnels are often used to train military paratroopers, and they’re now the basis of a new sport called Bodyflight.  The instructors at iFLY can teach you how to fly, and they sponsor local competitions for those who truly love the sport.

For others, the company offers individual and group flight packages for first-timers that include a training session, flight gear, instruction from a certified flight guide and a flight certificate.  If you’re a return flyer, the packages include everything but the training session and the flight certificate.

The activity is so safe that any healthy person from “3 to 103” years old can participate.  Of course, there are some restrictions based on weight and physical condition.  A parent or guardian must accompany flyers who are under 18, or supply a signed approval.   You can check out the guidelines or talk to the iFLY staff for more information.

What’s It Like to Fly?

Most people love the experience, especially since iFLY has the whole process down to a science.  First-time flyers attend “flight training” where instructors teach proper body position and the hand signals you will use during your flight.  Once you’ve donned your helmet, suit and goggles, you go to the flight chamber where the instructor will stay with you as you soar.

During the flight, you’re actually flying.  The wind comes from the bottom of the tunnel and as you enter the chamber, a smooth cushion of air lifts you up.  You can float, turn, tumble, fly three feet off the ground or 40 feet in the air.  It’s your choice.  Take a look as Todd Tongen from Channel 10 News tries it out (sorry for the ad).



You Can Schedule Events at iFLY

If you want your friends, family or coworkers to be blown away too, schedule an event at iFLY.  They will host birthday parties or other personal celebrations, corporate and fundraising events and even bachelor or bachelorette parties.

iFLY has a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Education program that is tailored for elementary, middle school, high school and college groups.  Students experience an exciting and relevant educational experience that includes presentation and lab activities followed by a flight in the vertical wind tunnel.

A place to go indoor skydiving is another reason why I love where I live – there are always more things to do in Davie.  If you need assistance with a real estate transaction in the Davie area, the Teri Arbogast team consists of Davie REALTORS® who provide professional and knowledgeable assistance.  Call us today at 954-242-8030 or contact us online.

Or, maybe I’ll see you over at iFLY.  It looks like so much fun, I just might give it a try!


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