The Truth about Some Common Real Estate Myths

Davie Real EstateWhen you’re buying or selling Davie real estate, keep in mind that the real estate industry is full of myths.  This happens because many people don’t fully understand how buying and selling real estate works.  And, why should they?

For most people, it’s not something they do on a frequent basis.  On the other hand, it’s one of the largest transactions they’ll probably ever complete.  Take this opportunity to learn the truth about a number of common real estate myths.

Real Estate Myth 1

Agents are hiding something if they refuse to tell you about crime rates, ethnic demographics, schools and neighborhood reputations.

The Truth The truth is that it is illegal for a real estate agent to discuss those types of issues with you.  The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination on a number of issues.  An agent who tries to direct you to or away from a particular home is said to be “steering,” and it’s illegal.

An agent can talk to you about lifestyle choices.  Here are some examples of lifestyle choices: you want a neighborhood that has a community pool, you commute and need to live close to a major highway, or you want to be able to walk to shops and restaurants.  Your agent can help you find homes that meet those types of criteria.  Most smart agents stay away from discussing anything that even remotely might be considered steering.

Real Estate Myth 2

You don’t need to schedule an inspection for a new construction home or one that has been recently renovated.

The Truth:  If you want a new construction home, you will certainly be careful to choose a reputable builder.  However, even the best company can make mistakes.

If you watch the Property Brothers on television, you already know that homeowners botch renovations on a regular basis.  Just because everything looks great on the outside doesn’t mean there are no problems behind the walls.

Always schedule an inspection before you buy any type of Davie real estate.  It does cost some money, but it can save you even more time, frustration and money if you find problems after the close.

Real Estate Myth 3

When you sell, always price your home high or leave a bit of room for negotiations.

The Truth:  Oddly enough, houses that are overpriced when they’re first put on the market typically end up selling for less than true market value.  The problem is that an overpriced house will stay on the market a long time, and it will undergo a series of price reductions.  At that point, buyers assume that there is something wrong with the house and stay away.

Real Estate Myth 4

My house is immaculate; it doesn’t need to be staged.

The Truth:  This myth is more common when people think of luxury Davie real estate.  And, it’s true, a luxury home is often well-maintained and well-decorated.  But, staging a house doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with it.  The objective is to let buyers imagine themselves living in the home.  Therefore, anything that makes it more difficult for the buyers to do that needs to be addressed.

These types of things make it difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living in your home:

  • a wall of family photos
  • an accent wall in a bold color that fits well with your interior design, but may leave buyers cold
  • bushes in front of your windows that you love, but that make your rooms seem dark.

Keep in mind that once you make a decision to move, your home is no longer your home.  It’s the product you’re selling.  You’ll have plenty of opportunity to put your own mark on the home you’re moving into.

These are only a few of the real estate myths that you need to dispel.  Do you have any questions about things you’ve always heard about buying and selling real estate?  If so, let us know!  As local Davie real estate experts, the Teri Arboast Team can help you get the most return from the sale of your home.  And, if you’re buying Davie real estate, we have all the information you need to make a wise choice.  Just give us a call at 954-242-8030 or contact us online.






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