Outdoor Living Ideas for Davie Florida

Taking advantage of the Florida weather for outdoor living is a big deal in Davie. If you fall in love with one of the Davie homes for sale you’re looking at, but the outdoor space isn’t to your liking, it’s an easy thing to fix. Check out our landscape ideas for South Florida to get some excellent ideas for outdoor plants that will wake up your backyard. But, beautiful landscaping isn’t the only thing you need. You can do lots of other things with these outdoor living ideas for Davie Florida.

Use Patios in Unusual Places

You don’t always need to have a welcoming patio attached to your home. There are other places where you’ll enjoy a pretty place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

If you have a grassy area you don’t want to mow, consider turning it into a peaceful patio. Combine an interesting patio flooring with small planting areas, a water feature or raised planters.

A concrete patio is often the least expensive option. But, you can pour the concrete into interesting shapes, and you can color or stamp it to look like a natural material. You can use cobblestones for a touch of elegance, an anti-slip ceramic tile for a modern look, and they make outdoor tiles that look like natural stone or wood.

A small patio is also a fun way to use a flower bed that is larger than you want to tend. Put down some tile, add some concrete stones and brick edgers, and you’ll have quiet place for a couple of people to share some quiet moments.

Lighting Your Davie Outdoor Living Space

You’ll probably be out in your garden well after dark in the warmer months. Lighting will make it easy for you on those nights when you just don’t want to go indoors after the sun sets.

Lanterns come in styles that will enhance a modern or vintage look. Attach lanterns to a wall, or put them along the edges of your outdoor area. If you have a deck, you can use things like Trex Deck Lighting, some of which you can install yourself. You can light your deck stairs to guide family and friends. There are also lights you can put on your deck rails and post caps.

String lights are always fun. You may have used an inexpensive set for a party, but there are now many designs for string lights that stand up to permanent installation and give you plenty of light. Globe lights can give your space a soft flow. LED lights are very energy efficient and won’t get damaged in the rain. If you want to light an area that isn’t close to an outlet, they even make solar powered string lights. All you do is use a small solar panel.

Path lights are also an important safety feature. Don’t let your family or friends end up in one of your prize-winning azalea bushes – use path lights to keep everyone on the right path. Path lights are another type of lighting that often uses solar power, letting you avoid running cords around your property.

Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Living Ideas for Davie Florida

Naturally, you want your outdoor living space to have comfortable seating. Some people love the comfort of Adirondack chairs. But, if you’d rather have something with more cushioning, you can find outdoor furniture that will work.

When you buy outdoor furniture, you need to think about materials that will stand up to sun, and resist rain. Polyester is an outdoor fabric and it comes in many different solids and prints. Some polyester pillows and outdoor upholstery have a UV treatment that can stand up to more time in direct sun.

Fabrics like acrylic or Olefin that are labeled for outdoor use can withstand even longer periods in the sun than polyester, so you won’t need to worry as much about bring them indoors or storing them in a deck bin. These fabrics don’t come in a wide variety of prints, but manufacturers die the fibers before creating the fabric, which really helps them to retain color.

For other furniture pieces, you’ll need to determine which material will work best for you. Options include hardwood, stainless steel, aluminum, wrought iron, plastic, and more.

Putting some time and energy into sprucing up your outdoor space will let you take full advantage of the Florida lifestyle. Not only that, but you’ll be glad you did when you’re ready to sell your Davie real estate.

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