Need Some Landscape Ideas for South Florida?

Are you looking at Davie FL homes for sale with drab yards? Or, are you just tired of the look of your outdoor space? Either way, here are some landscape ideas for South Florida to help you brighten up your Davie home this spring.

Landscape Ideas for South Florida: Spring Shrubs

Shrubs. It’s a word that doesn’t roll off the tongue, and many people think shrubs aren’t very exciting compared to the flowering plants that grow so well in the Davie area. But, there are times to use certain shrubs to make your landscape come alive. You can use them to line a walk way, or to create a backdrop for other plants.


Many people love azaleas because they provide such luscious color. The good news is that they’re also easy to grow with just a small amount of care. Water your azaleas regularly and they will grow in full sun or full shade. There are varieties that grow to about 3-feet where you don’t want to block a view. Others will climb up to 4-5 feet.


Firebush shrubs produce flowers starting in late spring. They’re heat and drought tolerant once they’ve established a root system, and will grow in full sun or partial shade. For bird lovers, the shrub is nice because the bright red flowers will bring hummingbirds and butterflies to feed. Several types of song birds feed on the shrub’s berries. Regardless of where you plant a firebush, plan on pruning it to 5-8 feet to encourage the best blooms.


Want a stunning bit of year-round color? Consider the variegated coloring of the leaves of the croton shrub. You’ll find them with red, orange, green, and yellow leaves, or in a variety of pinks and purples. Crotons require only basic maintenance, grow to about 3-feet tall, and can thrive in almost any light.

Landscape Ideas for South Florida: Spring Annuals

Another thing that is so great about living in Davie is the annuals that burst into bloom to brighten up any spot in your garden.

Wax Begonia

You may be familiar with different varieties of begonias since there are over 1,000 varieties! The wax begonia is loved by many Florida gardeners because even though they’re considered an annual, if you treat them right they will last for several years. Seeing the sea of sturdy flowers year after year will always remind you of spring. Wax begonia leaves come in green or bronze, and can have single or double blooms in pink, red, or white.


If you want to attract butterflies to your garden, the salvia is a great choice. Salvia flowers grow on stalks, which gives them some height and a different look than plants where the flowers are nestled among the leaves. Salvias come in a huge variety of colors, and if you want a true blue bloom, this is the plant for you. Plant them in full or partial sun and water regularly for lovely pops of color.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies, or just Gerber daisies are a true announcement of spring. They come in many colors, so you can have white, pink, red, orange, yellow, or lavender. The flowers grow to around one foot in height, and with the right location, they can actually be perennials.

Landscape Ideas for South Florida: Citrus and Fruit Trees

If you have areas of full sun, you could grow trees that are pretty, and you can eat the fruit they produce. There’s a long list of trees to choose from, including avocado, figs, key lime, lemon, kumquat, Nules clementine, and more. Just make sure to plant them in the right location and make sure that they are spaced correctly to get the most fruit. Always check with the nursery to make sure you’ve got the right information about the particular variety you choose.

Homebuyers love a Davie home that has beautiful landscaping. And, it’s so easy in Davie to grow a variety of beautiful plants, you’ll enjoy your garden and get a good return from it when you sell. If you’re ever thinking of hiring a Broward County real estate agent, please consider the Teri Arbogast Real Estate Team. Take a look at our Google reviews, and you’ll see that our clients have lots of good things to say. We’d love to make you our next successful client!  Call us at 954-242-8030 or send an email today.



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