It’s Spring. Tips for Updating Your Home in Davie Florida!

It’s spring, and many people are starting to think about refreshing their home décor. If you’re in that group, here are some tips for regarding design trends you might want to incorporate into your home. Some trends are going to be “out” very quickly, but these trends will have more staying power.

More Color on the Walls

Lots of people like neutral walls, and those colors are best if you’re thinking of selling in the near future. But, if you just want a change of pace, you’ll see much more color on the walls this year, especially in rooms with lots of sunlight. Think about dark blues or greens. If deep wall colors aren’t for you, try using sage as a new neutral.

New Kitchen Designs

If you watch shows like Fixer Upper, you’ve seen some of these trends for kitchen islands. Cooks and their helpers are getting a bit more practical about kitchen counters. Many are turning away from the heavy maintenance materials like granite and marble.

Quartz is becoming a very popular alternative for a number of reasons. It’s a manmade material, but can have the rich and varied look of granite and marble. Quartz isn’t porous, therefore, it doesn’t need a sealer and it can’t act as a home for bacteria. Cooks also love that it’s resistant to stains and chipping.

Kitchen islands are also being used to house built-in appliances. Rather than taking up valuable upper cupboard space with a built-in oven or microwave, the kitchen island can handle those appliances while keeping the easy to reach upper cabinets free.

Other trends include using the kitchen island for easy seating for family or guests to keep the group together while food is being prepared. In addition, using different colors for upper and lower cabinets, or one color for cabinets and another for the base of the island is also popular.

It’s All About Geometry

Designers are using more geometric patterns in accent pieces. For example, a geometric patterned accent wall can be a real attention-getter and set off a room’s more subdued décor. Pillows are another place for geometric designs if you don’t think an entire wall will work for you!  And, subway tile is sometimes being replaced with tile with geometric patterns as a backsplash in the kitchen.

Ceilings are Getting More Attention

Traditionally, ceilings haven’t been a big part of home design, but that’s changing. You can try using a unique paint color for the ceiling, wood or shiplap, and even wallpaper.

Ultra Violet is Turning Up Everywhere

Pantone is the organization that chooses a Color of the Year. That color usually shows up in clothing, appliances and home décor. The color of 2018 is called Ultra Violet. This color is intended to represent what’s needed in the world in 2018 – “originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking.”

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready for a change, try some of these trends when you refresh your home décor in 2018. You may find that these tips will give you an entirely new outlook on the year, compliments of the top Broward County real estate agents!


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