Can You Burglar Proof Your Davie Home?

Property crime can happen anywhere, regardless of whether you live in a luxury neighborhood or not. How do burglars choose which homes to rob? They’re looking for the easiest target. Here are some tips for keeping your Davie real estate safe. You may not be able to burglar proof your Davie home, but you can make it an unappealing target.

Make It Difficult to Break In Through Your Doors

Most thieves find that doors are the easiest way to break into your home. And, in many instances, if they’ve already determined that your home is a good target, they’ll just break down the door without worrying about the noise. Use a door and a doorjamb reinforcement kit to make it more difficult for a determined thief.

Sliding doors are a huge draw for a burglar. Many homes have sliding doors with flimsy locks that are easy to defeat. To help burglar proof your Davie home, you can use a safety bar, floor bolt, or a foot lock to foil a break in attempt. Even a stick that you consistently place in the inside track when you’re away is better than leaving the door unprotected.

Smart locks and door cameras are good deterrents. No thieves want to be on camera breaking in, even if they believe they’ll be able to get away quickly. They know that there’s a much higher likelihood that they will be tracked down later.

Protect Your Garage

Many people don’t bother to lock the door from the garage to the house because they think the garage door is impenetrable, especially if they have a garage door opener. Having a garage door opener is a good idea because it’s more difficult to enter the garage without the opener. But, thieves will also kick in your garage door to gain access. Always lock your interior door.

When you go on vacation, it’s a simple matter to unplug your door opener, but locking the door is also helpful. However, many of today’s garage doors don’t have locks. If you’re at all handy, you can install a lock yourself. Just drill a hole in the track right above one of the rollers and use a padlock on the inside of the garage for security.

Keep Windows Secured

Make it a habit to lock your windows when you close them. Many window locks are relatively easy to defeat, but it will take longer to gain access. You can also use window sensors that make a loud noise when the window is raised or broken.

A number of thorny bushes grow in Southeast Florida, just check with your local nursery. If you’re careful while you’re gardening, planting bushes that will hurt a potential thief at access points will make your home much less attractive to a thief.

Burglar proof your Davie HomeLet There Be Light

Many break-ins happen during the day when many people are at work. But, there are some criminals who like to operate after dark, especially when they know that homeowners are on vacation.

Light is a good deterrent to someone who wants to sneak into your home without anyone seeing them. You can use motion-sensor lights that come on when there is movement around your home. Install lights at the front and back of your home to eliminate dark corners where intruders could hide.

Install a Security System

Security systems used to be expensive to install and monitor. With today’s technologies, you can install many systems yourself, and monitoring fees are relatively reasonable.

Be Choosy About Who You Let Into Your Home

Anyone you invite into your home has a good opportunity to take note of any valuables you have in sight and to spot security weaknesses that would make breaking into your home easy.

Even people who want to talk to you about religion aren’t always what they seem to be. Be suspicious of tradesmen who canvas your neighborhood asking for work. When you do hire a contractor, make sure you do a background check and check references before making a final commitment.

Don’t Hide a House Key

The odds are that regardless of how clever a spot you choose for hiding a house key, thieves have seen it before. You’re just inviting them in. Instead, give a duplicate house key to a neighbor or a friend who lives close by. It will take a bit longer to get the duplicate if you lock yourself out, but your home will be more secure.

Don’t Discuss Vacation Plans on Social Media

Unless you are certain that you can limit the people who see your social media post to close friends only, just don’t discuss your vacation plans online. Social media is famous for including people you allowed to have access in the past and then forgot about.

Can You Burglar Proof Your Davie Home?

A determined burglar can probably break in to many homes that seem to be secure. But, you can make your home much less attractive to a thief. Many security tips aren’t expensive, but they may require effort to remember to follow them consistently. It’s worth the trouble to prevent a catastrophe in the future.

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