7 Tips for Decorating Your Davie Home for Sale during the Holidays

Davie real estate holiday decorationWhile the Davie real estate market isn’t as active during the holidays, there are people looking to buy for any number of reasons. For example, they may want to avoid signing a new lease if they’re first-time home buyers, or they may be relocating their family for a new work opportunity.

If your Davie home is on the market, keep in mind that the rules about home staging apply, regardless of the time of year.

  1. Declutter your home before adding holiday decorations. Clutter in a home is always an issue when it’s on the market. Your coin collection that covers one of the living room walls is enough to make a buyer unable to picture their family living in your home. If you add holiday decorations to the mix, you’re headed for trouble. Follow good home staging principles before adding seasonal decorations.
  1. Minimize outdoor decorations. If you just love the inflatable Santa you traditionally put in the yard, or the life-size manger scene, or the multi-colored menorah, don’t give in to temptation. A wreath on the door, and lights that hang from the gutters to enhance the silhouette of the house, will serve you much better.
  1. Use seasonal decorations where possible. This year, try creating a centerpiece with colorful squash, nuts and holly branches. Leave the blinking reindeer for your new home next year.
  1. Rethink religious displays. When a buyer visits your home, your main goal is to help them visualize living in your home themselves. People who don’t share your religious beliefs or cultural heritage may have a difficult time seeing past unfamiliar holiday decorations.
  1. Reduce the size of your Christmas tree. Buyers will be more impressed with the wide open living space your home offers as opposed to your Christmas tree. Instead of your traditional 10-foot tree, consider a smaller tree or even a table-top version. While the big tree may warm your heart, the space it takes up in your home will make your living areas look smaller.
  1. Decorate using your home’s color scheme. If your home is decorated in warm colors, use red, forest green and gold decorations. If your home décor includes more cool colors, look for decorations that include icy blue, white and mint green colors.
  1. Plan for next year. If you don’t think you’ll survive the holidays without your usual decorations, think about how much fun you’ll have decorating your new home next year.

Your goal for the holidays should be to make your home warm and inviting, not glowing with family tradition. Contact us if you are considering putting your home on the market during the holidays, we can help you find that holiday decoration middle ground.

For All of Us Here at Teri’s Real Estate Team, We Wish You Peace and Happiness during the Holiday Season and Throughout the New Year!



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