Homeowners in Davie and surrounding areas love their swimming pools. With the weather in the Davie area, a pool is a comfort on a hot day. It’s also an excellent place to entertain by extending your home into the outside.

Caring for a pool isn’t difficult, but there are things you need to keep in mind to make your outdoor living area a true oasis.

Use the Right Chemicals in Your Davie Swimming Pool

If you own a pool, you know that you need to keep the water free from bacteria and algae. However, each pool has its own needs, and using the right mix of chemicals is critical. If the water in your pool isn’t properly treated, you and your friends and family could end up with irritated eyes and skin. You may also end up deteriorating your pool’s materials and causing premature leaks.

Avoid these problems by getting your water tested at a local pool store on a regular basis. You can use their recommendations to maintain the quality of the water in between visits to the experts. A simple testing kit will let you make sure you’re treating the water effectively.

Keep the Pool Full of Water

If you aren’t using the pool often, it’s easy to let the water level go down to dangerous levels due to lack of rain and evaporation. The problem comes in when the water level goes below the level of the filters. The water won’t be circulated and you could burn out your pump.

You need to pay particular attention to the water level if you’re going to be out of town. Filling the pool higher than normal won’t do any damage, and you’ll be protecting your investment in your pool accessories.

Run the Pool Pump Each Day

You should run the pool pump for your Davie Swimming Pool at least eight hours a day when the weather is hot. It can be tempting to turn the pump off to save electricity, but you’ll end up with more problems later. Running the water through the filters is the only way to keep algae and bacteria from growing.

Trying to bring the pool back to normal after the water is very contaminated can be difficult. You could cut down on the hours the pump runs during the winter, but keep the circulation going.

Keep the Filters Clean

The filters will do a much better job of keeping the pool water sparkling when the filters are clean. Make sure you clean them at least once a month. Keeping some spare filters on hand will make it easy to ensure that your filters are always clean and working at peak efficiency.

Winter Davie Swimming Pool Maintenance

Davie Swimming Pool

Some Davie homeowners close their pools for the winter because the water gets too cold. However, many homeowners leave their pool open all year, especially if they have a pool heater.

If you’ve never considered a pool heater, you’re probably not making the most of your pool. The heater will make your pool as much of an outdoor living space in the winter as it is in the summer. Today, many pool owners are looking into solar pool heaters. They cost a bit more to install, around $3-4,000, but you’ll save a lot on operating costs.

Here are a few things you need to do for pool maintenance in the winter:

People purchasing Davie real estate are more likely to have a swimming pool on their list of must-haves than buyers in colder regions. If you are selling your property in Davie, work with agents who know how to show your home to its best advantage.

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