2017 Florida Home Decorating Trends

Davie FL homes for saleDavie FL Home Design Trends are in hot demand.  You may not be ready to sell, but you may feel like you’d like to put some new life into your home.  Here are some tips for updating your home using the latest decorating trends.

  1. Navy Rules

Navy blue is turning up everywhere.  For example, navy blue kitchen cabinets with white countertops and silver accents, for door and drawer handles, works to create a modern but appealing kitchen design.  In fact, some designers are using navy for the kitchen island and a lighter color for other cabinets.

If you already have white countertops, all you need is a bit of paint.  If you’re considering changing the countertops, consider quartz.  It’s almost maintenance free because it resists stains and scratches.  It also doesn’t need to be sealed like other types of stone.

  1. Kitchen Islands Still Popular

Kitchen islands are very useful and they’ll probably be in style over the long-term.  They provide additional seating space and encourage more than one cook in the kitchen due to the extra prep space.  You can customize yours with open shelving and charging stations.

Another alternative for charging your various devices is to install a drawer that holds electrical outlets.  Your counters can stay clear while you prepare your phones and tablets for use.

  1. Pantone’s Color of the Year is Perfect for Florida Homes

For 2017, Pantone chose a green color called Greenery as the color of the year.  It’s perfect for Florida’s indoor/outdoor lifestyles.  If you’re looking for a bold change, try painting the walls of your room in a shade of Greenery, then include other color accents to bring the room to life.  Navy and Greenery go very well together, bringing a fresh outlook to any room.

  1. Ideas for Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms continue to be turned into spa-like getaways.  You could consider the use of a freestanding tub to create a focus for the room.  Claw foot tubs are always popular, but there are also very modern designs that almost look like a work of art.

Frameless shower doors have been popular lately.  Another trend to consider is the “curb less” shower.  Proponents of this design point out that a shower is safer when you don’t need to step into it.  In addition, new construction methods make adding a curb less shower much easier than you might think.  The other great thing about them is the clean look you can achieve to set your bath apart from the rest!

Another trend you’ll see is the move to larger tile in the bath.  People seem to like the uninterrupted look and cleaning is easier with fewer grout lines.  Tiles today can range from 12×24 inches up to 18×36 inches in size.

  1. Accent Walls are Making a Statement

Another trend that can help brighten up a room is an accent wall.  Traditionally, homeowners painted one wall a relatively bold color to bring depth into a room.  Today, accent walls are made from a variety of materials.  Shiplap is being called passé by some, but it’s still very popular for those who want more rustic charm.  Other accent walls use 3D wall panels to add texture.  3D panels come in a variety of designs; some are geometric while others mimic the waves of the ocean.  If you’re big into do-it-yourself projects, you’ll find peel and stick panels that you can paint to match your décor.

When you’re ready to make a move, keep the local experts on Teri’s Real Estate Team in mind.  I can’t tell you that we’re all interior design experts, but I can tell you that our team is highly rated.  Check it out for yourself – we’re proud of the service we provide.  If you have questions about Davie real estate, feel free to give us a call at 954-242-8030 or contact us online.


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