Davie Fl RealtorEveryone knows that spring and summer are peak times for home sales.  Most families with children want to make a move before school starts, and in many climates, homes just look a lot better in the warmer weather.

Why Sell This Fall?

The Florida Climate.  In the fall and winter, Davie FL homes for sale aren’t covered in three feet of snow.  The trees aren’t bare and the gardens aren’t dormant.  From the perspective of curb appeal and ease of showing homes, Florida’s fall and winter seasons are no different from spring and summer.

There’s Less Competition.  Since many people think they should only sell in spring and summer, there’s less competition in the fall.  Less competition is good for you as the seller because your home has a much better chance of standing out from the crowd.  Buyers who are overwhelmed with choices take longer to make decisions.

Buyers are Often More Serious.  Spring and summer brings a flurry of activity in the home market.  It’s likely that many people who tour your home are just looking.

Summer buyers may want to know how your home compares to theirs to get a feel for the market in case they decide to sell.  In addition, they may think about moving if they find the “perfect” home, but they may not be serious buyers.  Any buyer looking for perfection will likely be disappointed.

You’ll Stand Out from the Stale Summer Listings.  There are always homes that have stayed on the market for months.  Those sellers may have priced their home too high, or may not have prepared their home to sell.  Buyers are typically suspicious of homes that have been on the market longer than they should.  However, when you list your home at a fair market price and prepare it to sell, you’ll have an outstanding advantage.

There’s Still a Deadline.  While school is in session, in the fall and early winter, people who want to move usually want to settle in before the November and December holidays.  Therefore, timing is still important.

Mortgage Rates are Still Low.  As of this writing, mortgage rates are still very low, many below 4%.  This is an advantage for you as a seller because financing is still attractive to buyers.  In addition, the likelihood is that you will buy another home and can take advantage of the low rates yourself.

Tips for Selling in the Fall

If you decide to sell in the fall, here are some tips that will help to make your transaction a success.

Plan for Early Showings.  As days get shorter, potential buyers will want to see your home in daylight whenever possible.  Get the house ready to show before you leave for work in the morning, not when you get home.

Pay Attention to Curb Appeal.  Make sure the lawn looks good, even if it’s slowed down its growth.  Take the time to plant winter plants or set out pots of plants that bloom in the fall and winter, such as geraniums, to make your yard look inviting.  Make sure attractive outdoor lighting is in place for those buyers who may arrive after sunset.

Sell to Fall Buyers.  It’s more likely that millennials and empty-nesters will be looking at Davie homes for sale in the fall.  Couples without children don’t need to worry about school districts or starting times.  Do whatever you can to sell to those two groups.  For example, focus on multiple uses for your rooms.  Rather than focusing on four bedrooms, put the image in buyers’ minds that some bedrooms would work well as an office, a study or a hobby room.

Sell in the Fall with Confidence

If you want to make a move in the fall, make sure you work with local experts who can help you create the most effective home marketing plan.  You can trust the Davie REALTORS® on Teri’s Real Estate Team to provide the local market knowledge and real estate expertise you need.  Call us at 954-242-8030 or send an email for more information.





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