Barn Doors?  In Florida??

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When you’re looking at Davie FL homes for sale, you might not expect to see barn doors on the interior of a home with a coastal or beach feel.  However, barn doors are a big trend right now, and there are many great ways to use them to complement the interior of your Florida home.

Barn Doors Have Many Uses

You might think of barn doors as the type of design that says “country.”  And, in the right setting, these doors do help to extend that type of interior theme.  But, depending on how you use barn doors, they can also fit right in to a traditional Florida design.

There are many reasons why barn doors are being used so often, including:

1. You can separate spaces without walls.

The trend toward open-plan layouts is very firmly entrenched.  People want to have a natural flow from room to room.  It helps when entertaining, and keeps the people who typically gather in the kitchen connected with those in the living room.

However, there are times when you may want to close off the office from the living room, or the dining room from the kitchen.  Barn doors are tailor-made for these types of uses because you can create separation without needing a permanent wall.

2. You can save space using barn doors.

Very often, installing doors can severely limit your options for furniture placement.  A standard door that swings open prevents you from placing furniture in its path.  Unless the door is opening into a very large room, leaving open space for the swinging doors can make the room look off balance.

Barn doors are mounted on the wall and slide along the wall to open and close.  This provides you with much more interior design flexibility.  You can almost think of them as the new French door.

3. You can use barn doors in virtually any type of interior design.

The hardware you need to install barn doors comes in every theme you can think of, from rustic iron to sleek chrome.  The material of the doors themselves can be anything from recycled barn wood in rich wood tones to painted shaker-style doors to frosted glass or metal-covered doors.

Imagine that you’ve spent quite a bit of time and effort to create the type of outdoor/beach look you want for your Florida home.  Now you want to make a big statement as you redecorate your master bedroom.  Picture creating a focal point in the room using barn doors for the closet made from a grey-bleached wood, reminiscent of driftwood you find along the shore.  Those doors would look fantastic in a Davie FL home.


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